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We know that keeping up with the maintenance of your systems can be costly & stressful. We have designed a yearly maintenance package to help keep the cost and stress to a minimum.

Our residential package is completed bi-annually with tons of savings plus a comprehensive maintenance report and tune-up.

Our commercial package is broken into quarterly visits with all the perks and benefits as the residential package.



  • Comprehensive system tune-up performed twice a year

  • Waived service fee if accepted on the same day of repair.

  • Lower utility bills

  • Extended equipment life & max efficiency

  • Reduce repairs & breakdowns

  • Improve system reliability

  • Increased heating & cooling capacity

  • 10% discount on parts and repairs

  • 5% discount on new equipment purchases

  • Peace of mind on your investment

  • Warranty work honored on all equipment brands

  • Priority Service

  • No overtime charges after-hours/weekends

  • Suggest energy reduction possibilities

  • Provide estimates for system upgrades

  • Provide estimates for system repairs before they happen

  • Detailed maintenance report provided on site upon completion of work

  • Repairs provided without additional service charge

maintenance ac


  • Inspect blower compartment, assembly & blower wheel

  • Measure air flow (temp rise/temp split)

  • Adjust balancing dampers if required

  • Tighten electrical connections

  • Measure volts/amps

  • Lubricate motors if applicable

  • Calibrate thermostat if required

  • Check evaporator coil if accessible

  • Clean outdoor condenser coil

  • Check condensate drains

  • Perform carbon monoxide check of system

  • Full visual equipment inspection

  • Full visual ductwork inspection as accessible

  • Clean burner assembly as needed

  • Tune/check burners for efficiency

  • Clean ignition assembly

  • Verify adequate flue draft/assembly

  • Check thermostat heat anticipation

  • Check refrigerant pressures

  • Test compression starting capabilities

  • Test safety controls

  • Clean or replace return air filters if provided

  • Clean return grille(s)